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Electrolux EL4335B UltraFlex Canister Vacuum Review

Electrolux’s recent UltraFlex canister vacuum is a new and unique design has added yet another innovative vacuum to the list. The design of Electrolux EL4335B  UltraFlex clearly shows the designers intention, for something a bit more powerful, yet without losing control.

The designers also wanted to ensure the powerful suction of the vacuum not only captured dirt and particles, but contained them. The filtration system ensures that all particles that go inside, stay inside. Electrolux spent so much time making an innovative canister vacuum, we began to wonder if they would have ever had time to work on the exterior features. Fortunately, the answer to that is yes.

The vacuum extensions and hoses are quite maneuverable, allowing for the user to go around, over, and even under most furniture and appliances. The vacuum’s power and precision allow for a quality clean, and one that is thorough and lasting.


Designed For

· Maids and Butlers

· Maintenance Workers

· Housewives

· Babysitters

· Anyone with General Cleaning Needs


Dust Cup

The dust cup is a convenient and easy to use mechanism of the vacuum. A common issue with dust cups is when the dust gets stuck inside the vacuum. Electrolux’s shape makes that nearly impossible. Another common issue is a result of inconvenient placement, resulting in dust spills while attempting to empty the cup into the trash. Electrolux solves the issue by making the dust cup completely removable, so the user can easily put the cup over the trash to be emptied.


Retractable Cord

The retractable cord installation is yet another clever installation, and one that increases the maneuverability as well as accessibility. The cord can stretch 12 meters, giving the user a substantial reach. The power cord also provides a more powerful connection, unlike battery, this cord gives the vacuum a stronger and more powerful energy all the time. The cord also retracts automatically, making it easy to put away. The cords great length and convenience retraction allows for the convenience of any other vacuum, but the power that only a corded vacuum can provide.



Despite the incredibly high levels of power put out by the vacuum, it emits an incredibly low level of noise. The noise levels of the vacuum make the process much more enjoyable. The vacuum also is impossible to detect from dust, as the filtration systems stop nearly every dust particle from escaping the dust cup. These features allow the vacuum to clean efficiently, without announcing a presence in any way.



The agility of the vacuum is excellent, and allows the user to get in and behind tight spots. The vacuum head can turn at 180 degree angles, giving it the ability to slide in behind furniture with ease. It also has a very low clearance, and can slide any item of furniture, so long as it is over 5cm off the ground. The unique and maneuverable design of the vacuum makes it effective in tight spots that otherwise would be inaccessible.



Finally, the turbo cyclonic motor allows for a powerful a precise suction. The powerful motor also provides an immense amount of control, and gives the user five separate power options. The vacuum’s hoses provide an advanced suction design that, when at full power, can reach beyond the vacuum’s span. The air flow channels are aerodynamic, and designed to have high speed air flow through without disruption. The powerful turbo motor allows ultimate dust collection that will get the job done the first time.



· Powerful suction

· Agile movement

· Quiet and leaves no trace

· Convenient dust cup

· Retracting Cord



· Cord sometimes gets in the way

· Dust Cup doesn’t handle long dog fur very well



1. Does this canister vacuum come with an attachment for hard wood floors?

Yes, it does.

2. My current canister vacuum’s attachments fall off quite easily, does the vacuum hold its attachments any better?

The lock in place, if you look at the handbook you can see how. I’ve personally have never had an issue with attachments falling off.



Electrolux EL4335B UltraFlex Canister Vacuum is by far one of the most powerful, and despite small inconveniences like the power cord, it is still one of our favorites. The power and controls are well thought out touch, and give control and stability to different floors and applications. As for cleaning power alone, we think it is one of best canister vacuum. Maneuverability is nice, and gets the job done faster. The sound levels make it an enjoyable job, and we think it is the best UltraFlex canister vacuum so far.

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