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SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum

Just like the purchasing of any item in the home, buying a vacuum cleaner requires you to consider many things. That includes the level of effectiveness of the vacuum. The cleaning process of your home can be a smooth one, but only if you have the right equipment. You may be in the market for a new vacuum cleaner because the old one has bitten the dust or it simply doesn’t work the way you hoped it would. When buying your vacuum cleaner, it’s easy to go for the latest model that is most expensive with the notion that it works best. However, this isn’t always the case. Depending on the space you are getting the vacuum for, whether home or office, you need to take your time. Research and get informed on the various types of models and why they are considered favorable. This review will focus on the SOWTECH Cordless vacuum cleaner and why it could be the vacuum for you. 

Why Consider SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum?


  • It is simple and efficient
  • It uses a stainless-steel filter
  • It is the lightest cordless vacuum in the market
  • It is a noiseless vacuum cleaner
  • It has a large battery capacity
  • It is easy to move around with
  • It has multiple attachments that allow you to reach further


  • It is a bagless vacuum


  • It is black in color
  • It is a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • It has a stainless-steel filter
  • It is a bagless vacuum
  • It makes use of cyclonic suction
  • Its battery capacity is 4000mAh
  • It lasts for 40+ minutes when charged
  • It weighs 1.05 kg
  • It has a high impact resistance of up to 60kg of pressure
  • It is a cordless vacuum
  • It uses Li-ion rechargeable battery.
  • The product dimensions are 15.75×5.91×4.72 inches


Benefits of SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum

SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum8

Pro-Cyclone System

True pro-cyclonic suction, sucking out daily pet hair, paper debris and mites. Its 5th stage filtration separate more than 99% of the garbage.

Stainless Steel Filter

The machine uses a stainless-steel filter. Not only is the stainless-steel filter durable, but it is also more environmentally friendly compared to the HEPA filter. The filter is made of washable material which makes cleaning possible and easy. This makes it last longer and eliminates the need to replace it. 

Mobility of Vacuum

The SOWTECH cordless vacuum cleaner is not heavy. It is among the lightest vacuum cleaners in the market. It is easy to move around with it to other rooms, and when going up and down the stairs. It is cordless which prevents winding troubles that vacuums with cords face. It can be gifted to parents to help with their housekeeping. Patients with knee arthritis issues and individuals with busy schedules will also find it useful.

Li-ion Battery

The charge lasts for about 40 minutes once it is fully charged. It allows the vacuum to work on several rooms before it runs out of charge. The Li-ion battery has a large capacity of 4000mAh. For efficiency and simplicity during cleaning, the SOWTECH cordless vacuum cleaner comes with 6 attachments. The attachments satisfy different cleaning requirements.

Tools and Brushes

The crevice tool provided is for cleaning all corners and gaps that would normally be hard to reach. To get rid of dirt and dust on mattresses sofas and curtains use the mattress brush. The square brush is used to tidy up your keyboard, small piece, and desk. Your vacuum is compatible with all floors whether hard or smooth floors. Make use of the floor brush to clean these areas.

No Noise Pollution

The SOWTECH cordless vacuum cleaner offers more convenience to your day to day cleaning as it produces minimal noise pollution. It has less than 75dB noise reduction technology that makes it favorable to people who are sensitive to noise. With this vacuum, you will not experience noise complaints from neighbors because of using it late at night. You can comfortably clean the house at any time, such as when the kids are sleeping or family members are resting.

Design and Filtration System

The vacuums handle has an ergonomic design that allows you to pull, push, grasp, lift, and clean from different angles. Additionally, it has a pro-cyclone system that offers great suction of daily pet hair, mites, and paper debris. The cyclone has a 5-layer filtration system. The centrifugal system pushes dust particles and other debris away from the outlet filter. It ensures proper airflow and you are assured of breathing clean air every day. People with allergies will find this SOWTECH cordless vacuum cleaner beneficial.

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SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum


Package Content

Floor brush, Li-ion rechargeable battery, square brush, mattress brush, crevice tool, charger for home, user manual, and extension pipes.



The vacuum can be used in an upright position by using the extension pipes or it can be taken apart and used as a handheld vacuum. Fixing the extensions on the vacuum is simple. The vacuum has an opening where you insert the extension pipes all the way in. Attach the floor brush to the bottom part of the vacuum cleaner and begin cleaning. A red light indicates the vacuum is charging, while green indicates the charger is fully charged. It has a button that acts as the on and off switch.

SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum 


Cleaning the vacuum is easy as each part disassembles easily. Wash the stainless-steel filter after use to ensure effectiveness. Dry it in the sun and put the pieces back together. The battery needs to charge for about 5-6 hours. Keep the switch off when charging it.


This SOWTECH cordless vacuum is considered to be a small yet powerful, lightweight, handheld vacuum cleaner. Its light-weight nature supports easy mobility, and the various attachments make it easy to access hard to reach areas. In fact its one of lightest wireless vacuum cleaner on the market weighing only 1.05 kg. This gets rid of dirt and dust hiding in cracks and creaks leaving your house thoroughly cleaned and free from dirt. It offers great suction thanks to its Pro-Cyclone System. Its 5 layer cyclone filtration systems, which are particularly suitable for people with allergies. The ergonomic handle design is easy to push, pull, grasp, lift and clean from several angles.

This SOWTECH vacuum’s battery life is twice that of other brands making it great for long-time use. With customer reviews of more than 14,000 people on Amazon and a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars, the vacuum is a necessary assistant for daily stress-free cleaning.

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