How Does Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works?

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Let’s agree! Robot Vacuum cleaners are an impressive way to get a rather boring cleaning chore done. Different vacuum cleaner models have different approaches to get the cleaning done. Performance is important when it comes to robotic cleaners. Besides, they should have the ability to clean on certain set schedules, on different surfaces, excellent running time as well as an operating pattern. These cleaners can be upgraded with new improved software for more efficient cleaning.


How Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works

The robotic cleaner uses a motor to rotate brushes and generate suction. Just like the typical vacuum cleaner, the brushes rotate as they sweep the debris towards the suction. Most robot cleaners have two drive wheels as well as one or more caster wheels, which move them around. Inside ad underneath the machine, there are a variety of sensors, to provide feedback about the environment and detect obstacles such as furniture and stairs on its path as well as the distance traveled.

Almost every robot vacuum has a docking station. The docking helps charge the batteries of the cleaners in between the cleaning task. It is where the cleaners sit when not in use. The docking station casts a DV shaped light beam to a distance of 6 feet, which acts as a beacon to the robot cleaner, which returns to get its batteries charged when they run down.

The docking station should be placed in an open and accessible area for the cleaner to navigate to easily and fro the station. However, some robotic cleaners may not have the docking station, in this case, the cleaners should be connected manually to the power supply for charging, with the units provided.

Although the cleaner lacks peripheral vision, they are excellent for cleaning your living areas. These cleaners don’t operate beyond 35 degrees slopes: they are also not able to descend or climb the stairs.


How Robot Vacuum Cleaners Navigate

These robotic cleaners navigate on the cleaning area depending on the on its set programs. Therefore, you don’t have to sit around and watch it perform the chore. It uses some cleaning pattern like spiral, circular and zig-zagging to find its way. Preferred cleaning program is embedded into the cleaner’s memory using a simple button sequence that commands the vacuum cleaner to leave the docking station during the day and the set time to clean the home. It only returns when the task is over or when the batteries run down.

There are also some cleaners that have been modified to an improved technology called Virtual Wall.

This technology uses infra-red light beams sent out from the unit to perform as a virtual wall. The vacuum cleaner changes its direction when it senses the light signals. Some robot vacuum cleaners come with or apps, making it easy to control them outside the home.



Robot vacuum cleaners are not only a real benefit to everyone who finds it use the normal vacuum cleaner but also to those with a hectic lifestyle They can eliminate allergens and floor dust to help those suffer an allergic reaction. Expensive might not always mean quality, Get the best quality cleaner for effective cleaning.

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