Honeywell 4B-H703 Central Vacuum Review

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Honeywell 4B-H703 Central Vacuum Review

A central vacuum cleaner has replaced the traditional vacuum cleaners in an astounding way. Now, people prefer to buy Central Vacuum systems as it has much more benefits than the old one. It is especially preferred by those who are purchasing new homes.

Honeywell 4B-H703 Central Vacuum is the most popular and highly recommended among all the other central systems. It has gained the best central vacuum reviews from its users. It has many features like Triumph HEPA Filtration. It has the motor of 590 air watts which is specially designed to purify the air by collecting and eradicating all the impurities like dirt, dust, hair of animals and other harmful pollutants. This purification from air helps you to breathe fresher than ever before.

This product is especially designed for the housewives who have to stay at home for the entire day, for the chefs who have to work front of stoves and for everyone who wants to breathe in the purest air. Honeywell 4B-H703 Central Vacuum provides the solution of entire house cleaning solution which is ideal especially for those households where the family is facing problems due to severe allergies and who requires high indoor air quality.

It has many amazing features which include:

Heavy-Duty Steel Body

It has the Heavy-duty steel body which assures its reliability and effectiveness. Due to its heavy-duty steel body, there are least chances of breakage and damage which is the guarantee of its durability and strength. It has the system of motor protection. To make the vacuum stronger, it is painted with hybrid powder coating for making it even more robust.

Self Cleaning System Filter

Another fantastic feature Honeywell 4B-H703 Central Vacuum has the filters which work on the system of the self-cleaning system. That means you; no more have to worry about replacing and cleaning the filters frequently. It effectively saves time and cost of replacing filters which mean that once you installed this system, you will be free from the pressure the rest of your life.

5 Years Warranty

Its carry the warranty of 5 years which means free replacement or repairing of the product is done in the case of any trouble in its functionality.

Noiseless & Reliable

It is a model that requires no venting as it is a quiet and reliable. A system free from noise means the users can enjoy the peace and no disturbance after its installation. Also, it is recommended and can cover the vast area and home size of maximum 8,000-Square Foot.

Plastic Dirt Receptacle

It has another unusual feature of having a 4-gallon plastic dirt receptacle which has a window along with it. It is offered with an option of intake from the either side intake. It also has a mounting bracket which is primarily designed for secure and locked wall mounting.

Its other features 138-Inch Suction Power, 2-Speed Motor, 124 CFM Airflow and much more.


• It is soundless even if you stand next to it.

• It sucks out dust from those places where others cannot reach.

• The mounting bracket is encompassed for the secure mounting on the wall.


• It has useless attachment port.

• It cannot attach the hose directly to the unit.

• A professional person is required for its installation which increases its cost.


1. Will it work better than my old vacuum system?

Yes, due to updated technology, it will work in a much more efficient way than any other product available in the market.

2. What makes it better from the others?

It handy usage, pulling out pollutant from the corners from where others can’t, and its metallic body with dual motor makes it unique and better from the others.


So now we have the actual picture of you have a complete overview of the Honeywell 4B-H703 Central Vacuum System Power Unit and best central vacuum reviews, it is highly recommended to all those who wants fresh air to breathe in. It can dramatically surge the quality of air in the home, and it can even help in getting the house chores done quicker. Like any other system, it has some disadvantages too, but its significance cannot be neglected in the life of all those families who want fresh air, who are suffering from any pollutant allergies and those who lives with the pets.

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