Best Electric Broom for Hardwood Floors

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When it comes to shop for home appliances, you may be overwhelmed by too many options. Despite these numerous options to choose from, only some will go along with your needs and suit your house. If you’re looking for the best electric broom for your everyday household cleanings, you’re at the right place. In this article we will review the best electric broom for hardwood floors the market has to offer, the Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper, 28806, Driftwood. You can also read another related article, Best Cordless Electric Broom Review.


Bissell Electric Broom for Hardwood Floors

Electric Broom


The Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo needs merely a 7.2 volts of electric energy for its operation. Bissell has made full use of design to maximize that power’s effect.

Electric Broom


With its slender design and sleek appearance, you may not think this cordless broom as much of a performer. But this unit will definitely prove you wrong.

Unplugged, they’ll go on up to 60 minutes, which is a big win for such a low powered broom. Because it is lightweight and highly usable, this model can also be utilized for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and the interior of your car. This sweeper’s detachable handle feature can be used by simply pressing a clip button and then pulling out the entire handle. The Perfect Sweep Turbo is designed to get into different spots and areas of your house.

 Electric Broom

Battery Life and Charging Time

The Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo has no issues with charging and plugs directly into the wall. The nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery pack takes upto 6 hours to charge. In return you get 60 minutes of cordless cleaning time. According to instructions, before turning the unit on you’ll have to charge the battery for at least 16 hours without interruption.

Although there seems to be a slight drawback. This unit will not charge if the power switch is in the “on” position. Although, this is referred in the guide, but it could cause confusion for many users.

Electric Broom


The Bissell Sweep turbo weighs at only 4 pounds. Add its soft grip into consideration – you’ll feel literary no weight at all.

Electric Broom

Ease of Use

The perfect sweep turbo is very easy to use and maneuver because of its ergonomic handle with a soft-gripped loop. It is very quiet and will definitely help reducing noise made by vacuum around your house.

This product needs to be assembled. You’ll have to put together the handle and connect it to the main unit. Assembly requires screwing together pieces of metal extensions to form the floor sweeper’s handle.

 Electric Broom


The Bissell perfect sweep shines the most in terms of pricing. At its price range, this is definitely the market shaker.



However, I want you know that this is not a vacuum, its a motorized sweeper which has no suction functionality. This cordless broom is best suited for picking up daily dirt and unexpected dry messes in between routine vacuuming. So if you’re in need of a simple, reliable, and affordable broom that does a superb job of snatching up everything from dust bunnies to paper clips of your hardwood floor, this is your best option.


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