Best Upholstery Steam Cleaner Review

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Best Upholstery Steam Cleaner

Best Upholstery Steam Cleaner Review

Whether you are looking for the best upholstery steam cleaner or simply looking for an upholstery cleaner whose performance is second to none, then Hoover FH50150 is your bet. Coming in a great design and an outstanding performance, this upholstery cleaner is simply impressive.

Given the high number of upholstery cleaners in the market, Hoover FH50150 Upholstery Steam Cleaner has managed to leverage efforts of all its predecessors and out-muscled its competitors to emerge as the #1 product. With features that speak volumes; you can never be wrong about it. Perhaps delving into the features will shed some light on what this cleaner brings to the table.


Designed for:

1. Housewives.

2. Any homeowner.

3. Restaurants.


Hoover FH50150 Key Features:


  • Exclusive Spinscrub Technology

This 360-degree cleaning system ensures that every part of your carpet is well taken care of to provide a sparkling clean surface. In fact, the 360 degree ensures that no part of your carpet remains untouched. With an ability to remove even the toughest stains, this upholstery steam cleaner is simply impressive. For anyone looking for total cleanliness and an outstanding fibre protection, this is what to look for.

  • Dual Tank System

Coming with two tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty water, it gives you an opportunity to handle all your cleaning duties effectively without any hitches whatsoever. This dual tank system also facilitates filling, emptying as well as rinsing of each and every tank easily and effectively. With this, you do not have to spend more time trying to clean a tank so that you can resume your cleaning procedure simply because the water had gotten dirty before you finished cleaning.

  • Auto Detergent Mixing System

And yes, this is yet another outstanding feature of this upholstery steam cleaner that has baffled most users. In fact, users can never hide their joy when it comes to its amazing detergent mixing ability. And yes, the whole process is not manual; it is automated. This means that you do not have to waste time trying to mix your detergents in appropriate proportions since all that is well taken care of by this upholstery steam cleaner.

  • Amazingly Lightweight

Portability being an important factor to consider when it comes to upholstery cleaners, Hoover FH50150 is simply outstanding. Given its light-weight, it is quite portable and convenient to use. The lightweight also makes your cleaning process effective since you can lift it where necessary to ensure total cleanliness. Given the fact that it applies heated steam, it is an awesome cleaner.

  • Included Necessary Accessories

Unlike several other vacuum cleaners, this particular vacuum cleaner comes fully equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure utmost performance. Coming with spinscrub powered hand tool as well as all the other upholstery tools, this vacuum cleaner is a whole package. With crevice tools and 16 oz solution, it also comes with mesh tool storage bag which crowns it up.



  • Outstanding stain removal.
  • Offers 360-degree cleaning ability.


  • Slightly expensive than the normal ones.


1. Q. Would you recommend it for pet owners?

A. Absolutely. This upholstery steam cleaner is awesome with your pets as well and can be used to give impressive results.

2. Q. Can the brushes be shut off?

A. Not possible. However, removing the entire assembly and then going over the carpet gives impressive results.

3. Q. Can the clear plastic part at the bottom be removed?

A. Yes, you can. In fact, any part that can get debris is removable for cleaning purposes.



In conclusion, this upholstery steam cleaner Hoover FH50150 is unequalled. With an impressive performance and unparalleled features, it marks a welcome departure from all short-comings associated with its predecessors and competitors. It will certainly give impressive results when it comes to ensuring that your carpets and rugs look sparkling clean. It is a product worth trying. And yes, it is a product worth telling a friend about. Perhaps it is time you tried it out. Armed with above information about it, you can purchase it with an assurance that performance will exceed your expectations.

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