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best cordless car vacuum

Maintaining a neat and clean car is not an easy job. Many people simply neglect the importance of regularly cleaning their car. Your car will age much faster if you do not put ample attention to its tidiness. If you’re really conscious about your car, you need to take proper care of it first.


Cordless car vacuums have been on the rise due to the convenience they offer to car owners. Choosing the right one, however, can be a tedious task. To save your time, we’ve put together this review of what we think the best cordless car vacuum is right now in the market, the Holife handheld vacuum.


Best Cordless Car Vacuum



The Holife handheld vacuum features a unique and innovative design, aimed at increasing suction power. The portable design allows this cordless vacuum to be lightweight, yet highly efficient. The ergonomic design of the Holife handheld vacuum will eliminate any possible fatigue you may encounter while cleaning. It also comes with removable filters. The compact and portable design makes storing this unit a breeze.



The powerful lithium batteries used in the Holife ensures its position as the best cordless car vacuum. These rechargeable batteries feature quick-charge technology and take 3 to 4 hours to get fully charged. They will last for 30 minutes. That’s more than enough to clean your car. The runtime you get from this unit is seriously impressive considering the bucks you’ll pay.



It has a suction power of 6 kPa. The strong cyclonic suction is continuous, thanks to its powerful 100W motor. It features enough suction to even pick coins. The motor is very unobtrusive and doesn’t produce excess noise. This car cleaner supports not only dry but also wet cleaning. This unit comes with a removable translucent dirt bowl to indicate when to empty it.



This Holife cordless vacuum features two different types of canister capacities for holding both dust and liquid. The capacity of the dry canister is over half a liter. Although the capacity of the wet canister is merely a 100 ml, it still does a decent job.



The Holife handheld vacuum comes bundled with one vacuum unit, 2 filters that are washable, a brush nozzle, rubber jar tool, cervice nozzle, charging base, and one cleaning brush.



You will get 30 days money back guarantee and a year disturb-free warranty with the Holife handheld vacuum.



  • Removable cleaning attachments make this unit very versatile
  • Batteries can be charged quickly
  • Washable filters are pretty economical
  • Ergonomic yet sturdy build
  • Strong cyclonic suction power
  • Unobtrusive operation



  • The runtime may fell short for some specific applications
  • Liquid capacity may feel limited



Our editors have spent over 100 hours of research to find the best cordless car vacuum for 2018. Our pick, the Holife handheld vacuum has been chosen due to its compact yet sturdy build added with an immense suction power. The area where this unit beats all the others is its price. You’ll get no portable car cleaner half as good as the Holife at this price range.

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